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Fun is fun until it ends and then awaits beginning again.

I taught JJ to make a hammer with her top knuckles and pound on her collar bone as if it were a keyboard. It was soo much fun.

She gave me a big hug and I told her it was like hugging a bag of bones. lol. I had to put the run to her then, so I conviced her to go find something fun to do.


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I recall walking a quarter-mile (400m) down Kenny Shore Road to the beach with my cousin E. He was always strapping, ever since he was a big, little fella. He lived at the top of the shore road where he grew up with the moss and the horses. He brought a giant innertube. Floating on a tractor-tire-sized innertube in the Gulf of St. Lawrence is a good time.

Floating on a tractor-tire-sized innertube on the Northumberland Strait, you just need to try.