I received my flu shot today.


I have authored many programs and self-publish all the ones in which I own the rights.

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  2. Those inactive, on the work bench.
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We keep a low profile in Empire Southtown.

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In which we save Christmas, chase out some thieving capitalists, and free the fire spirit Salamando.

I seal the fire seed.


I am currently at home, in the Sunbury Cove watershed of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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The weather is chance of showers at 19.9°C (67.8°F) with winds in the South steady at 5.8 m/s (21 km/h; 13 mph).

The relative humidity is 88% at an air pressure of 1.004 atm (1017 mbar).

It's 10:51pm in local ADT time. The sun set 4 hours ago, or so.

Santa was losing hope as mana faded and the children stopped believing.


Cover of the book

Title: The Baroque Cycle

Author: Neal Town Stephenson


  1. Quicksilver: 0-380-97742-7
  2. The Confusion: 0-06-052386-7
  3. The System of the World: 0-06-052387-5

Length: 2671 pgs

  1. 944 pgs
  2. 815 pgs
  3. 912 pgs

β€œThe trade of this country is a boiler that raises all the steamβ€” which is to say, all the capitalβ€” we require.

What is wanted is a valve,” the Earl had said, β€œa means of conducting some of that capital into an engine where it may do something useful.”

Progress: 88.035%

~~~ For 6 months or so ~~~

Old man Bacchus here thinks he has all the answers. 🧐