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I've had the past week off from work. It was a nice week, doing crafts and playing games with all the children.


I am currently at home, in the Sunbury Cove watershed of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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The weather is chance of showers at 15.8°C (60.4°F) with winds in the South-Southeast steady at 9.4 m/s (34 km/h; 21 mph).

The relative humidity is 94% at an air pressure of 0.99 atm (1003 mbar).

It's 6:22pm in local ADT time. The sun will set 9 mins from now, or so.

PHP 8.0 will be released in another 43 days or so, on November 26th, 2020.

One change that has caught my attention and will directly impact my work is ext-json (JSON) will always be available, even when providing the --disable-all configuration option when building from source.

In my previous and upcoming work on ext-mf2, all of my tests were based on PHP-native data representations of the parsed mf2, because JSON is non-native. Long story short: testing extensions in isolation is a requirement of PHP development and so the intermediate representation of the parse, in memory, was used as the basis for tests.

This was a big hassle and may have led to ostracation, a little, because I rewrote the microformats-test-suite tests as PHP-native data objects. Not only did this break the ability to have the tests easily updated to keep pace with the living-specification of microformats2, it also caused some offense in that community because JSON representation is part of the standard and perhaps that was an exhaustive win for the JSON camp, I have no idea. The ext-mf2 did provide JSON output, when ext-json was also installed, but this incompatibility between the two communities of PHP & Microformats was never resolved. Not that I made much of an attempt to resolve it!

The new news is that JSON is native in PHP8 and so the whole thing dovetails much nicer. I'll make the JSON extension a required dependency, instead of optional, and rewrite all those tests to use JSON, the next time I get back to it.


Cover of the book

Title: Microeconomics: A Fresh Start

Author: Peter Dorman

ISBN: 978-3-642-37434-0

Length: 528 pgs

Economists recognize only two types of cost, disutility and opportunity cost. If anything is referred to in everyday language as a cost but does not fit into one of these two categories, economists do not include it.

Progress: 20.265%

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In summary:

Finished reading: The Baroque Cycle by Neal Town Stephenson, ISBN: 9780380977420

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