I authored ghist to show the last few entries in my git history line-by-line. I had seen a better view demonstrated earlier that day.


I grew up with gaming and I like to make things. I like to work, alot.

I have been writing computer programs since the unix timestamp had half the runtime it has now. ½tunix!

I made some free stuff.



home OS [Windows 10]
digital garden
Windows Subsystem for Linux 2
Linux Distribution

The drift command is part of my local dotfiles.

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Screenshot: I have a daily reading regimen and update my Now Reading feature each morning.


I am currently at home, in the Sunbury Cove watershed of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA 3.0.
"Map Marker" icon by Stefan Parnarov, from the Noun Project, is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

The weather is overcast at 13.2°C (55.8°F) with winds in the South-Southwest steady at 6.7 m/s (24 km/h; 14 mph).

The relative humidity is 94% at an air pressure of 1.004 atm (1017 mbar).

It's 6:54am in local ADT time. The sun will set 14 hours from now, or so.


I re-watched Seven Years in Tibet awhile ago. There is a scene during construction of a movie theatre: the monks and citizens of Lhasa drafted to help dig for the foundations panic because they are endangering the earthworms with their sharp shovels. Construction is halted.

Today I am modernizing an ongoing software project, beginning with carefully constructing a PHP Code Sniffer coding standard from scratch. This project already has a coding standard behind it's current version. I make only those changes to the code that the newly updated coding standard requires to clear warnings and errors. I make steady progress.


Cover of the book

Title: Paradise (Expeditionary Force Book 3)

Author: Craig Alanson

ISBN: 978-1973182665

Length: 283 pgs

Progress: 87%

~~~ For 1 month or so ~~~


A colleague today shared, in regards to PHPs nullsafe operators:

This language feature sounds undesirable to me. I'd rather code just fail if something was null I didn't expect.


I wanted to respond with something but it took hours to arrive at: "it is for when you must expect an ephemeral thing of object type to have non-zero probability of unavailability."

Maybe he'll find this post someday.


I am not playing anything at the moment.